The best thing you ever had is passing you by
but it's time for me to spread my wings and fly.
In an event such as this it's so sad to see
that you and I together wasn't meant to be
I'm finally over and done with you
there's nothing more that you can do
to make me stay I'm out the door,
I don't even want to think about you no more.
I'm underneath my angel's wings
and fly I will to better things....

I remember when you told me
You would never let me go
That forever we’d be together
And it was me you’d always hold
With your arms wrapped around me
Closest your heart
Or on those nights when fear surrounds me
When I’m alone and in the dark.

I was there for you, I loved you
You said that you loved me
Now I know I wasn’t nothing
Cause you only care about the money
The zeros and commas
The dividends and guap
I wish that I could give you a mirror
Cause this bullshit needs to stop

Like a car, you traded me in
For a brand new BMW
It better be leather interior
Cause a week later- shit got broken into
I may be scratched and dented,
But it's all because of you.
No one had me the way you did
Now you see what you can do.
I know that I’m not rich
But it’s love that’s gonna hold me
Cause money comes and after it goes
You just gonna end up lonely
I’m tellin you for your own good
I don’t give a shit you not with me
I don’t give a damn- cause I deserve a man
Whose gonna love and set me free.

I said before I couldn't do it
But this is my Last Goodbye.
I've had it with the pain you've caused
All the tears you made me cry.
So remember when you call for me
And you get no reply,
I said it once and I'll say it again
Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye.

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it's a feeling that i can't quite shake from the inside of my chest where the weight of the world lies and lies to me through the sunny day overlooking pain. i just want to dim the light on that part of my life, that it might be out of sight out of mind but there is no matter to put in your spot, so i have to find a way to dig you out. you had my heart, and every part of me that i didn't immediately need myself. you twisted my words at your will, bending me backwards and breaking me, though it gave me the courage to break free. now that i'm out on my own, sometimes i feel all alone but i know that i'd rather be fighting for myself than fighting you for nothing. God will not give me anything he knows i cannot handle. He gave me you and let me learn how to love myself, then why does my mind keep going back to you? you took my lyrics and my melody and left me an empty box with which i could do nothing but struggle to get it back. and now, one year later, I am still putting the pieces back together so that I can sing again. I will have a melody again. Never again will I let someone take my voice. I will sing high above every mountain, with a voice that can shake the trees and rock every baby to sleep. I will have my peace again. 

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The sun is smiling, a fresh cup of coffee.
This is what the perfect morning looks like.
I have so much work piled sky high
Pages that are demanding to be read.
The days pass and I must let
The emotion of words pass me by.
But for just this moment,
I will embrace every feeling:
passion, hate, jealousy, longing.
As the world stands still around me.
I will capture those feelings
In a single sentence:
I Love You.
To the mirror, to my passer-bys.
Even to the people who
Have brought tears to my eyes.
I Love You.
Because I life not lived out of love
Is a life not worth living.

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it's been so long since i felt it. the kind of thing that makes my heart skip. kinda like a trip to the moon and back again. an 'i love you to the moon and back again'. but i don't want to come back again. i want to dream among the stars in your eyes tonight. i want to lie in your sight tonight. but all i got are these city lights playin mind games with me. at night they shine so bright, knocking the stars out of the sky. taking the light from your eyes. knocking at my window, not waiting for reply they creep to my wall and outline the shadows that are a blue print to my dreams, but more like a nightmare is what it seems. i close my eyes and believe that i'm safe, even with that twisted figure above my head that makes its way into my bed to lay with me and spread like a disease, infecting my dreams- infecting me with HIV, desecrating what was once my body... all because of these city lights. These city lights- tricking me to believe that they alright- that its okay if they spend the night and leave before the sunrise. they show me lies every night, as shadows put on shows about the crack heads and hustlers that come and go, about the life on the street below, about what i can see if i just look outside my window. i'm dream a frequency where screams of sirens and gunshots keep me up at night. i walk in a realm where streets only run with blood. the only heat i feel is right before i wake in a cold sweat. 

take these dreams away from me, wipe my heart and memory clean. it may seem unachievable, but take the intangible, the unreachable the unbelievable and make it conceivable. turn my world around by tearing these city lights down. i need only to see the moon in the sky and the stars in your eyes and know that i'm alright. i'll finally sleep tonight with the curtain drawn and the shadows gone where the only thing is you in my bed and kisses placed gently on my forehead where shadows no longer play with my mind and burn scars into my memory. let our beings rip a hole in the ceiling and reach for the stars the way my arms do when i don't have you to hold on to.

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