And your picture reminded me
of that warm Spring day
on the platform of the subway.
4 train to be exact.
I miss that concrete
the way it gave off heat
the same way I did
when the sun hit.
I'll never feel it the same
as I did in NYC when the summer came
and there you are
still standing,
waiting for the train.
The air is hot and heavy... appropriate.
I stood to stare at you-
watch the sweat
bead down your forehead
right before your hand wiped it away.
You never saw me,
I was behind my sunglasses
Usually they'd be off by now...
...My tanktop
Clung to me
my skirt danced with the summer breeze
the way I wished you could dance with me
When the sun goes down
As we can pass the summer nights together.
But for now,
All I have is you
on the 4
at high noon
in the Spring.

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Don't leave me out, push me away.
Make me your dove and float me away.
Wish me out of your dreams,
& wish me out of existence.
The only way the I alive is because you love me.
You've made me the way I am.
Like a scripture written in ink
Stained the paper in an irreversible way...

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Listen to my voice and let it take you back to the place that I remember. Where the highest floor of a building in the projects is your top of the world that is touched by steam that rises above the rooftops to the skyline bathed in early morning sunlight. Above the city, on the top of those buildings, before shadows overcome the streets, you can speak to the dawn, where black meets purple meets red meets blue meets you... Acquaint yourself with each, for in time they will all become a delightful sun soaked sky, but you'll still miss those colors... much like i missed the opportunity to tell you how the way you run your hand across my cheek helps me know I'm alive. and the way that you look at me breathes life into my very soul... You are the reason I wake up in the middle of the night and wonder why the space next to me is empty. I always meant to tell you that the weight of your arms on my shoulders when you wrap your arms around me is what keeps me grounded.
But since I cannot tell you, I will tell it to the sky with every bit of sincerity that I would have said it to your eyes. I will drop to my knees and cry out that it was you who was the one that showed me I was alive. I will thank the sun for warming me since you can no longer do so, and I will thank the breeze for caressing my face just to remind me of you.

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Flip the script
Take a break
Make a change for the better.
Rest assured
You'll change this world forever.
With your heart,
Your art,
Your beautiful mind
If you listen with indifference
In time you'll find

The possibilities are endless
You don't have a limit
Reach past the clouds, past the sun, past the stars.
Let the moonlight guide
Your way through the night.
In the end you'll find the reason why.

A collaborative effort
We will give up, never.
Pursuit of life, love and happiness
Get rid of your distress.
Throw it to the wind
And begin again
Breathe in new life
Wipe the dust off the shelf
And in searching find yourself.

Search the depths of your heart,
The deepest corner of your soul
The spark was inside from the start
You can't be afraid to rip apart
Everything you have
Everything you knew
Try to find something within
And make something new.
And when you feel like you have nothing left
I'll be there beside you.

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My words have become clouded. 

The world that once inspired me, 
now has hampered my creativity. 

My words begin to come in pieces and parts
fragments and incomplete sentences.
As quickly as they come
they are gone.

I cross my heart every night
that God has not taken words from me.
Because he feels
as though I did not utilize them while I had the chance. 

But this.
This is a testament 
to my effort. 
My trying
my tears of frustration,
my memories of when words flowed freely.

They say the top of the mountain is the epitome of ambition.
It's lonely.
I am trying to work my way to the bottom. 
At the top
it is only a creep from the rock
that the water flows.
That is where I am. 
I need to follow the creek
that turns to a stream.
That swells into a river
of words and dancing hands.
That river will carry 
over rocks and sand,
So that words will become smooth- 
a product of its journey. 
Finally that river will reach its end
its breaking point,
and that same rocks that gave it life
and polished them to perfection
will throw it over the edge. 
A waterfall
where words fall violently
but cannot be stopped,
only captured for a moment,
until they will inevitably rest.
Until they reach their final resting place
in the ocean. 

I have learned to fight the tide,
as it rises and falls with the sun and the moon.
I have made it habit to deny myself 
the pleasure of seeing where the river goes. 

I must lift my feet, 
flow downstream,
and revel in reaching the bottom of the mountain.

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I want to get back to me

and I'm only 23
and I'm more focused on my J. O. B.
And settling debts that I've earned
Through the education that threw me to the world
and mentioned nothing of hopes and dreams
Just settled on stressing me
I want to get back to me.

She was once invincible
To the perils of the world
Time was of no challenge
But now she hides in corners
Writing vigorously
Just to see if she
can get the words down in time.
Like a forgotten memory
she stops mid-sentence
As she becomes lost
in her thoughts.
"I have to get back there" she whispers
to no one.

I've neglected my poetry
ignored the heart on my sleeve
Covered it up so the world won't see
The beauty of my dreams.
What's inside this head of mine
Has flown from me through space and time.
If I close my eyes
I can almost see it
If I wave my arms
I can almost be it
That girl
That dances with words
Makes love to the motion
Of the way her mouth moves
When she lets out emotion.
When she lets out her heart.
When she practices her art.
When her heart's on her sleeve.
I have to get back to me.

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You're familiar to me.
Like a sunny winter's morning.
You rise like the breaths that I take,
and I rise with you.
To the sky, the heavens.
The bitter cold has gripped my being,
But you, who's rays shine upon me.
You keep me warm.
My hands want to write you, invite you into my existence
But I cannot,
I am covered to protect me.
Yet you to comfort me

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