is the enemy
but it works for me
when i'm wondering
what the furture holds
should i be bold
or should i fall back
not stress
mull in my own diress
every time the dust settles
something comes along to meddle
from myself
what i felt
when you ignored my calls
you dick
you prick
but calling you names
won't make me not feel the same
way that i do
adandoned by you
so i mustn't let the silt
settle so much it builds
a wall around me
so that water can't surround me
and carry me
to the open ocean
where I can be free.

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Her shadows did not scare her.
She scaled high rises
as she let her arms reach for the sky.
She never asked why.
She never wished it be longer,
For she knew if she slowed time now, there would be no room left
for tomorrow.
Cherish today, yes, and await what comes next.

#itsmissflyvida #poetry #poet from #theboogiedown #Bronx

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When the risk to stay
Tightly closed
In a bud
Dug my nails into my palms
Turned my eyelids inside out
From being shut too tight

Free me
Release me
Allow my tongue to speak loudly
My hips to swing
Let my dress
Between legs that move too fast
And colors
Can never be too loud

They won't stifle
My song
That plays through the high notes
In my eyes
My smile radiates beams
That will not be blacked out
By can't and don't

Towers never too tall
All the better to jump from
Catch wind under my wings
That will take me to sail
Over waters of uncertainty
Let them stretch
Over infinity.

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He loves me, he loves me not
And therefore will not love myself...

This girl is ending up in lost and found she
lost her way, sadness on her face
Always afraid that she won't make the grade.

She feels the weight of the world on her back
Steals looks across the room just to get her honor back.

On her back.

She believes that her value lies within him.
Even though she was taught that what she was doing was a sin.
Lost in her ways
Losing her days
Wasting away
Underneath the sheets of another.

Even if they were her own,
Still, she wouldn't be home.

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