Do you remember when our souls touched?
When it was almost too much for mine to bear?
You came alongside me
And you held my hand.
I love you in that moment
I love you for that night.
I will never say "I loved"
Because that would be a lie.
Because I still love you
Like that childhood memory I visit in the middle of the night.
Though you're not with me,
I can still feel the joy from when my heart smiled
On to you.
When you get up and the beds still warm.
I will hold strong to that memory
Until we can make more.
Because remember when's are always better than what if's
No matter how much it hurts to never forget
How you held my hand
Kissed my forehead
Made me your only one
Remember when
I was yours
And you were mine
For that fraction of a second
In our lives?
I do. I won't forget.
I won't regret.

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If you want to hear my soul sing,
You won't hear a sound.
Look into my eyes when I'm the only one around.
There's a glisten in the corner
When the sun catches my iris
You can see through to my ancestors
When Ra joined Isis
Who joined with Osiris
To protect the Gods and so I will protect you.
Just so long as you promise
That your eyes will always smile,
Summon me with the rhythm of your heart beat
Whether my head is on your chest or I am half way around the world.
Call and I will respond
When my drum will intertwine with yours
Keeping in time with your beat
Across plains, a call and response
Across a room, a starting contest...
Even when the room is silent,
You can still hear my soul sing for you.

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Take in your hands the delicacy of the confidence that has been discovered only in recent times, find it in the stillness of my body when I stand in front of you with everything to give and nothing to lose.. See it in the corner of my eye when I look at you with intent and waiting for what is subsequent... Feel it in the way that my hands memorize your face, shoulders, and study the way your veins in your arms trace paces to the palms of your hands.. When my fingers gently hold yours, feel the confidence that has been newly found, and revel in it. With love, Vida

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