Everything you preach
Must be the same as what you teach.
All these people fakin like they anointed,
but the rest of us know who God appointed.
Would you face humility for me? I highly doubt it.
For me, would you speak against adversity?
Would you die to set me free?
Not just for me, but for all humanity?
Now, y'al lookin at me with ya eyes all w i d e
Thinkin 'Damn, this girl is out of her mind.'
but to tell you the truth I couldn't care less,
Cause you labeling me ain't worth my stress.
In reality, the only one that can judge me
is the only one who hovers above me.
And that will be on the judgment day,
and I don't know exactly what he'll say,
but it's the same to me as it is to you
cause God forgives, no matter what we do.
He knows about me and about you.
And about everything you've been through.
From our joy to our sorrow,
even what we'll encounter tomorrow.
He knows when you sleep and if you'll wake
or if he decides your soul to take.
Cause if he did, he'd be takin and makin and angel in heaven.
and I'd know that I'd see your face again.
When I see the beauty of God's love
and see that nothing can come above:
He freed me from sin.
He died for me to set me free.
He spoke against adversity.
Not only for me, but for all humanity.
So you see?
It's a real, unconditional kind of thing...
...Cause nothing can be compared
to the Love of a King.

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It was something unexpected when I saw your eyes that day.
Something was familiar, though what it was I couldn't say.
Your lips took me away, into another world
Where your kiss can take a grain of sand and change it to a pearl.
Your eyes are the stars in the midnight sky
Even when clouds surround you, they're impossible to hide.
I want to explore every mark on the palm of your hand
Because every square inch of you is unmarked land.
Your smile is a reflection of the way my heart sings
And your body gives off heat that only the sun could bring.

Infatuated with the thought of you laying beside me.
Your head on my chest and your breath on my neck provide me
A memory of you that transcends to my dreams
Where the darkness of night is broken by moonbeams
And when I look up and see every star in the sky
I will remember the light in your eyes.
Or is it mine, cause you see
I could stay awake all night, just to watch you sleep...

...I awoke to find it was all a dream
To realize that nothing is what it seems.
You said you would wait at the foot of the gate,
I guess when I took the chance, I was too late.
I opened up the gate to find nobody there,
Only the piece of my heart you left behind: naked, cold, and bare.
No protection wrapped around it- no phone call, no goodbye,
Nothing but a broken promise- you said you'd never make me cry.

The walls began to break and then the water flooded in,
The earth began to shake and I sank to the bottom of the ocean.
I drowned for a minute, choking on the water,
Then something pulled me up, without hesitance or falter.
Filled with love and kindness, we were worlds apart.
They thought nothing of it, but it really saved my heart.
To value myself on someone else's terms is difficult to measure,
Because someone's trash is another person's treasure.

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I cannot deny how I felt when I was around you and even when you're not here with me. A light you left behind from your eyes brightened my world and your shadow kept me warm at night. You were always on my mind and I couldn't seem to escape the lovely thoughts we made together. Even in the middle of the night I would awake at the sight of your face and fall back to sleep when I knew you were dreaming of me too. You smiled and my world was alright. Everything was alright...

Now all I am left with is a hollowed out shell of what was once your place in my heart and a mere echo your voice and laughter. At night only thing that makes me is a nightmare which I am unable to fall asleep after. With everything you told me I wonder if it is you who is unwilling to reach out for me or someone is holding you back. There is a way to call out my name and let me know you are still there. Either way, you promised me I wouldn't cry... You were right for a while.. I didn't shed a tear. But then one day the storm I had tried so hard to fight off came and shook my body into a sleep. Every heave of my chest sent me further into the why's and how's of the moment. When I awoke, the storm was over, but the damage of the broken promises and uprooted memories plagued me. I was left alone to repair my broken heart alone...

You have become another statistic in my life, another time my heart will be mended, though it will take time. You are the one I look at with pity because I would have loved you with all that I had. You couldn't find a better love than that. No matter what you said to me, you threw me to the back and left me out in the cold to mend myself. You are nothing. Nothing but another lesson learned. I will not cry for you. When, or even if I cry, it will be for me. You will no longer control my feelings or hold a cloud over my head in the brightest day. The rays of the sun will shine on me and kiss my face with memories of my childhood, and ambition for the future. Too many times I have said goodbye, you told me. Yet I stand here saying the same thing to you. Goodbye, love. Goodbye.

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