Subways turn dusk into daylight, midday into twilight. Lose all track of time, like the lovers down the line. You can live your life down there and let time resume when you return from middle earth, but time doesn’t stop- don’t you think we’d all be stuck in one moment because we thought that was as good as it got? And even though we didn’t know that door would close, there’s always another chapter that comes after? The subways can rob you of everything that you think you are… or reinvent you into a person that you always wanted to be- a dreamer, an artist, a revolutionary. You may not be able to take on the world, but you can change people’s prospect of the time spent just by being where you always are, just having another way to spend the time. Subways can start a relationship if you just go out on a limb and risk embarrassment for a complete stranger, or maybe even your next door neighbor. It is a place that can turn you into someone you never thought you could be, or someone you were all along. Subways give you the strength that the streets above can rob you of. The subway can break relationships. I’m not talking about that you can dodge her because it is an irrefutable fact that you couldn’t answer your phone because you were on the train- even though you never say which one. I’m not even talking about the arguments that are within earshot of everyone on the goddamn train. I’m talking about the deafening silence that carries over the din and the voice of the announcer whether you can understand them or not. No number of awkward attempts intended to lighten the moment as the wheels dig deeper below the street as pressure builds. As you approach the sidewalk pressure is released in the largest amount…gaskets blown.. But after everything is said and done, the subway can also be a place for revelation. Instead of staying mad for God only knows what, I’ll just take your hand in mine as you silently confess what has been bothering you… give you a chance to experience the subway too.

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Gangster by nature, undercover crack head
Away from the highways and byways
More like the alleyways to the gutter
To the streets of Calcutta
Nicknamed city of joy
You could only imagine what moves through these ports, boy
Oldest in operation, perpetuate desperation
For another hit, anything to get me through the day
When I don’t have to face the desert rain
That never falls to bless me it stings my heart
But the rest is blessed to be getting the rain the falls from the Serengeti.
But I will avoid everything because I know my heartstrings are knotted and frayed
Because it was my family I most betrayed.

Tap into your memory
Look into my eyes and remember me.
Not as who I was but who I am today.
Make sure you draw each line in ink
Because I promise I will never change.
Back to that one who drove a wedge between him and the ones he loved.
I’m in this for the long run, like a marathon athlete.
That trains in the mountains where the air is thin,
But when I come to sea level
I won’t fall into the sea and never be able to breathe again.
I’ll swim with the sharks
Deal poor fortunes for the parasitic wildlife
That feed off of them.

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