Yes, I'm fed up with the drama and it seems I got a lot of explaining to do to the impending sunrise as to why I'm still awake, but I have to have a conversation with this pen and paper.... I'd rather be waking up the neighbors not giving a flying f**k about what anybody else says. Instead of obsessing about hour if the night it is, I'd rather be pondering what the meaning of this is.. the meaningless that is.. my head on your chest. That look in your eye when you are begging me to see your deepest side. Keep me close by even when you cry because I want to be the one that reminds you that without the pain, you wouldn't know what joy feels like. When you see me in the morning, if you know nothing else, know I will be right next to you when you lay down to go to sleep, when you lay in this bed with me. 

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Can we please have a moment of silence?
Like Nas said, we gotta end all the unnecessary violence.
Gotta end poverty, seduction death and destruction.
Replace it with love and instruction, guidance production.
Gotta throw water on the seeds of life
Gotta educate the children so that they can feed their minds.
Gotta make a way for our children to inherit the earth,
Cause if we don't they just gon end up with their feet in the dirt.
Only dirt paths to walk upon, forget a golden road,
The gold was spent when we had to spend it on our souls.
We was only out for our own, lost all thoughts of home,
And when the judgement day comes, we'll be standing all alone.
Gotta take time to listen to the world,
Gotta make it right for every little boy and girl.
Get em out the penitentiary within the century,
Cause being behind bars is a place they never meant to be.

As day comes, and night falls
We gotta find a way to break down these walls.
And every day I pray to take away all of the pain that y'al were caused.

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I remember those nights you sat across from me
told me all bullshit and asked "What should I do, V?"
I said "I don't know B, but you'll always have me"
you took it as a friend, but I just wanna see you free
From the lies, from the screamin, and even the heavy breathin,
Except the heavy breathing when makin love is the reason.
"For everything there is a season"
I wanna be your spring-time, summer, fall
winter wonderland, I just wanna be it all.
I wanna be your everything,
I'll fight for you.
I'll put these bitches in line: single file
Organized order.
But when I have you my heart
You twist it up and give it back.
At the rate this going now,
I'm just afraid it's gonna crack...

Go back to the pain
that might as well be in vain
cause you keep runnin back to her
like this life was a game.
I can't help you through it
you wanna just get into it
with the one that ain't hurtin you
I might as well let you do it
I can't keep sittin here
takin hits like the front lines
don't wanna be K.I.A. but i don't wanna run, I
just wanna be the one to hold you late at night
just wanna be the one you make up with when we fight.
but I can't keep sittin here thinkin like you gonna change
I can't keep talking like you and her are estranged.
Cause she's still on your phone sayin Trizzy you miss me?
and even when you with me, you don't even say that you busy.
Although I only take it as a little bit of disrespect
I see it more as disrespect for yourself
You don't even know your wealth.
You don't care about your health.
Cause keep stressin these bitches
I'm sorry, these young ladies
They just constantly switchin
Between the two.

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Something to get you through the night when the one you're used to sleeping next to isn't by your side..

Even if its just for tonight
The moon, the stars, the sky is ours
As we lay in this bed and contemplate the mights.
Maybe you'll love me,
Even if its just until the morning
Maybe Ill be with you
The next time its outside, pouring.

When you lay beside me,
Its the best sleep I ever had
Even when I can't breathe
Because I want you so bad.
I feel safe in your arms,
My head on your chest.
I don't know any harm
My mind my body soul can rest.
When the moon shines at midnight,
Through the window onto the sheets.
Even if you're not in my sight
I still feel you right next to me.
When I don't have you near me
It feels like you're miles away
I'm like a baby I can't sleep
I lay awake until the day.
Said I need you here
I can't bare to be without you
You told me that you'd always be here
And I said I'd never doubt you.

You're the only one I want
You're the only one I need
You're the only one I'll hold on to
When nightmares wake me from my sleep.

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