there is a silence that only the street lamps could tell you.
for a brief moment after they have been put to rest
after another watchful night,
they speak of a quiet that comes from the streets
that are yet untouched by daylight.
cars only move in the distance,
but the streets that surround me are still asleep.
as the sky lightens, i do not fear the silence
because it welcomes life.
drawing children from their slumber
and people to the pavement,
this is the circle of life and the cycle
that ends and begins in this time.
a cool breeze makes its way to my window
and greets me to listen to the sound of silence,
for it is where i find peace.

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My eyes map out the lines of life on your face as my fingers forge paths in the valleys that span your chest and back. My tongue explores the rapids of your kiss.. I only know your shallow. The white capped waves atop deep, deep rivers. I want to know the words and thoughts that lie on the banks. Secrets never spoken. I want to swim upstream to your earliest memories so I know where you have been, and race downstream, so I may find where you are headed. I want to dive deep into your eyes where your soul lies and your dreams fly. As I ascend my legs scale cliffs and hold onto you for dear life. I want to fill every space between your fingers with my own so that I know we're both whole. I want to be the one to make you the happiest and have the potential to make you hurt the most. I want to be the one to make you the most vulnerable, and provide you the greatest refuge from the storm. I want my insecurites to embrace your vulerabilities so that we may both be... Open.

I have only five minutes to express to you what it would take ten millenniums to verbalize, so look into my eyes and take my hand. Follow my lead and wrap your arms around me. Feel secure to rest your bones, and I promise you will never be left alone. And if you ever find yourself losing count of the stars in the sky, close your eyes and imagine me with you, that I may help you find where you left off. That I may help you find where you left. So that I may help you find... My mind travels miles to find you again.

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I think the celestial beings that created bonds between Mayan kings and the Sun god tranplated their practices in the 21st century when they encountered you and I. They searched the constalations to give us the perfect relation so that even Satan himself couldn't break through the bonds that bind us. Even when the sun rose and wiped every star from the sky, Alpha and Omega remained in perfect sight. I was born of you, like Bastet born of Ra. You protect me during the day, and I will be by your side when the moon's in the sky.

If it was up to you, there would be no harm that came to me, but you can only sit by and observe as the world tries to break me down. But I have your bones, and I will only be broken down to resurrect stronger. As many times as you see my hear thrown on the floor, because I have your heart, I will never love less. You give me peace and ease of mind.

You give me the courage I need to be a pioneer in a world of followers. To make my own path in this life, so that I know everything I have done was for myself and in my best interest. Your smile lights up my life and I can help but smile myself. I find you spirit within my soul, and I know that you are always with me. I will always be your little girl.

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he saw her from across the room
she had a good build, strong yet soft.
she danced with rhythm in her hips
when the music flowed life through them.
his being longed to dance with another.
but his animal took over the rest.
he knew she was strong, yet weaker than he.
she had eyes full of drive and love.
he became acquainted with her eyes catching his.
befriended her, even, when they danced.
spoke of common interests.
exchanged numbers, he was at a level of trust with her.
he would only lay the dirt, and plant the seed.
let nature do the rest.

she found pleasure somewhere between his arms
as they danced for the first time.
he turned her almost as good as her father.
she could feel his body against hers.
he was strong, sturdy- she thought nothing of him.
she played the game by giving him her number.
maybe something would grow from the seed that she planted.
at least it was someone to text in the middle of the night.
but one night in the middle of the night
she was pulled in one thousand different directions
when she went back to school.
he was lost somewhere in the whirlwind of her mind.
she had meant to get around to it
between easter and the summer,
but somehow never got around to it.

until the last week or so, after the storm was calm again
she called... no answer.
she hung up, disappointed.
then a ring. his voice was lifted from the dust and brushed off
as he spoke of his days in her current destination.
she became excited at the thought of seeing him.
days she waited to go back to where he was in his newfound home.
she was finally touched down.
no less than 48 hours upon her arrival he messaged her:
"Want 2 go dancing?"
it wasn't a thursday, so it wouldn't be with her father
like when they first met.
"Sure. Where? When?"
"I'll pick you up at 8"

and there he was, 8 p.m. in the driveway of her house
facing her parents and household.
he braved the risk, she believed for her.
this was foreign to her all together.
they went out, exchanged good conversation.
he paid for drinks, and brought her home.
no questions asked- just a hug
and a goodnight.
she thought there would be the
awkward conversation of "are you going to back my house?"
having to be turned down.
she knew he had a doctorate,
but that didnt make her want to give him vip access
into her pants...

to make a long story short,
She said He was worth it.
He said She was worthless.

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