I'll love you tonight
So you'll remember it
for the rest of your life.

I need to leave
before you wake
before you see.

The tears in my eyes-
the ones that were there
since last night.

You made me love you.

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I give myself just a moment
to ride the last of the tide
before it retreats for the night.
Reach for the sunlight
as it creeps over the horizon.
Just one more time.
To feel your warmth surround me.

I am so desperate
to have another millisecond
with the ones that mean the most.
In the place I am most at peace
Before I return to the battlegrounds,
When I'll return, I can't say...

...The past
can haunt you.
Or it can remind you
of where you come from.
It can foretell the future,
if you listen closely.
It can rewrite you, define you,
or remind you
to never be defined
by what happened.

But by what will happen.
By what you decide to do,
Who you decide to be...

...But you,
You are not my past,
You are my future.
I have not met you before,
But my smile
is reflected in yours.

One more time
I say goodbye to the tide,
for you will be anew tomorrow,
But forever we will be together.
For even when I walk away
You will be steadfast when I return.

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She gets freaked out by the contents of my closet.
Howls at the chips that I keep in my pocket.

When I only have time to hold the jar
of salsa to dip Scoops and raising the bar.

To make food more "mobile",
to give me convenience
And I get made fun of,
Give me some lenience!

There's no room in the cupboard
so the P.B.'s in my dresser.
Of all your pet peeves
I hope the P.B.'s the lesser. 

Where's the spaghetti, you ask?
I keep that in the closet, next to the sauce, in the back.

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They used to come
in the dead of night.
I was afraid of my dreams.
But demons,
Demons have no shame.
they tap my shoulder in the morning.
they mock me with the sun.
Because they know
I will turn away
Because I'm too busy
trying to stay astray
from them.
When what I really want to do
is stay under the covers
because monsters forget
you have a great hiding spot.
But I rise
Just to be sure I'm still alive.

But no matter,
"Free ride, get in her hide
maybe today we'll eat her alive.
Enter at her fingertips
run through her veins,
make her think that today is the same,
as any other day
as every other day
where she will try her best to shake distress
but there's still hell to pay."

I walk past strangers,
I smile and say
"I hope you have a marvelous day."
God forgive me,
I know I said I'd never lie
but there's no reason for them to feel the same as I.

I guess the first step in recovery
Is admitting you need help.

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To the ones with the curves
and the ones who have the nerve
enough to love them: You are magnificent.

You and Your Sexy Swagger
makes them stagger in amazement,
like "How'd she get like that?"

You mean her colorful couture
that catches your attention,
encapsulates your mind-
inquiries rush to your eyes
that lie slightly in front of your soul.
So it's fact that those mind waves
are the result of osmosis.

You hold your tongue and
Feel the cold sweat
Drip down your neck-
Did it just get hot in here?

You avert your eyes,
shamed at the fact that
Deep down you know
You can't handle her love handles
Where her ass meets her thigh
Where her rib cage meets her breast
and you begin to think about how perfectly
your hands would fit there.
Still, you are reticent
while in deep thought about how
Exactly you'd react when,
If you ever had the honor
The Opportunity
The Privilege,
To see her naked.

Suffer in silence no longer.
Speak your mind.
Satisfy your soul.
Let her know.
Make her know.
Make sure she knows
Before she goes...
That you love to watch her leave.

To the ones with the curves
and the ones who have the nerve
enough to love them: You are magnificent.

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I sat still,
I watched us
sit, still
as we always had.
In our circle,
all hands in.

We reveled
in making it this far.
We were certain that being uncertain,
was the only certainty there was.

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Time robs me.
It waits out
Steaks out
until my every move
is predictable
Not unlike the calendar that
Maya made of stone
and trial and error.
For if it was up to me
I would have never
left you alone.

When you feel the world
Closing in on you
And to stop it
There's nothing you can do

Time lies to me
tells me to move forward,
against my will.
But my will
moves forward,
with you by my side.

Just call my name
I'll come running
No matter where I am

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I am a Californian
Who’s saving every drop
I have been: for the last six years
And now I’m told I have to stop.
I have to stop the usage
of the little water I consume
While Cochella Valley carries on
With fountains and water balloons.

The biggest drought in history
But I’ve been conserving since before
Because I knew the way we lived
The Earth would not ignore.
We have pillaged and plundered
and given nothing in return.
We expect that things should stay the same
from the World we’ll never learn.

She is tired and starved
She’s got nothing left to give
Before we stop, look in the mirror
And change the way we live.
Of course there’ll be one’s who listen
and others who don’t: it’s a fact.
So for those ignore the call
“Impose a water tax.”

Put the pasta water in your garden,
Shower with your spouse
These are just some words of wisdom
About trying to go without.
(Water of course,
not a lack-luster relationship.)

I am a Californian
Who’s saving every drop
I have been: for the last six years
And now I’m told I have to stop.

Based on the article: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/04/03/us/californians-concerned-that-efforts-to-conserve-water-will-not-help-much.html?ref=us

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