Working in a room
Sunlight streaming through windows
I miss my students.

I succumb to dark
No longer resist sleep : that's

A horror story
Of the American brand
Miss you already

If I was a #fool
I'll have #married for #money
Instead of for #love

To fold the clothing

Or not to fold the clothing 
That is the question.

Let me tell you things
The deepest part if my heart
Awed you know them too.

I'm treading lightly
My heart will not get caught up
In someone else's

Let's have a great day
After all it's #Saturday
#Love it up. Let go.

#Confidence beaming 
So revel while it's lasting 
#Hips are here to stay

Feeling the #homesick
From #cloudy skies in #daytime
To the #skyline: mine.

Update: November
I'm finally home. This is
what love is, Bobby.

Update: November
It's already December
Time flies when you work.

A new old fashioned
love story. Always
Always: You, Me, We.

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I am the daughter of a quiet mind
who always dreamed
Reached for what she could not see.
She leaped forth uninhibited
and beautiful.
She shook her hips
with abandon
with the outcasts of society.
God, how she wanted the world to know
just how happy she was.
And when they heard her call,
they responded.
The world brought this beauty
out of her.
The world brought this beauty
out of here.

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