These are just some quick haikus...

Live for days like this
When the moons hangs with the sun
Nights falls and stars shine.

Run down to and through my feet
When I'm around you.

Make my world complete
By letting me find myself
Please stay by my side.

I almost love you
Almost sing in the subway
Almost ain't enough.

My best friend's wedding
May very well be my own
I secretly wish.

To the man sleeping:
I want to give you the world
But I need this quarter.

Wrapped up in your arms
I only know the shallow 
I want to dive deep.

Leaving you behind
Never felt so good to me 
I'm finally DONE.

Watch lingering dreams 
Come sharply into focus 

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"Love's pure silver silver flame 
gives each innermost spirit 
invisible warmth."
-Artist Unknown
Your love reaches deep within me. It gropes at the darkness of where it last slept and finds that it no longer carries the scent of you but left abandoned like the first class in the Titanic. It's been centuries from lives past since love last resided there before it left for a few lifetimes to go fight for herself. She braved on as men invaded her land and stole her children to make them work as dogs. She was the leader of an army of Amazon woman warriors but they were more like goddesses, their love for their people kept them alive. Before the days of war, were the lives of leisure, when she ruled the pyramids and supported the world on the balance of her shoulder with her hips. Love hadn't been there since before Eve sprang from Adam's rib and the dirt from the earth as they fell into the hole of original sin.
Your love entered me without hesitance. A bright white light around the room when you walked in. The north star of David stood in second and third place while the flame your love carried with bare hands and risked second and third degree burns shined brightly. Your love burned hot silver and warmed every corner that was once frigid and lonely. Your love reached deep inside me past every molecule of me that stood in the way and charged to my innermost self. The place where only I resided, but barely knew. With its light, your love came in and revealed parts of me that were lost in those past lifetimes. A love for myself and for those around me. I will spread the love that you gave to me and reach deep inside others with my heart as your hand holds mine and touches my soul at the same time.

...In a haiku poem, only half the story is told... It is the other half you must pay close attention to.

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