I am aware when my hips ram into the corner of the desk when I walk down a row and I double over in pain.

I am aware when my tits knock over the glass of water that was in front of me when I lean over the table.

I am aware when my ass doesn't fit through a tight squeeze in a movie theater or party.

I am aware when my hair gets caught in the limbs that I walk underneath.

I am aware that my thighs have no choice but to take up the empty space that would otherwise be in my pants.

I am spatially aware.

I know that my shoulders are not the smallest, but damn are they strong.

I know that the space I take up when I dance makes the air feel full, and loves me for my caress.

Love me or love me not, I do not care.

I am spatially aware of air.

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New Jersey Transit:
Lacking charisma
Characters you have.

Old man with tired eyes
Poker chip in his old hands
Wonder where he's been.

Bob Marley Playing
Always makes trips go by
A little faster.

¡Viva Boricua!
Tattoos reach over muscle
Pride is Permanent.

Facial Expression
Is it me you're angry at?
Smile, you're more pretty.

Man across the train
You're eyes are fu*king CRAZY
Stop looking at me.
(I would like to add that awkward eye contact was made the entire ride which lasted about 20 minutes. As he was exiting the train, he asks if he could "get a word in" and then proceeded to tell me that "maybe next time you could try to make some conversation politely." Needless to say, I laughed the rest of the way home.)

Scars are always signs
Of a conquered night and an
Ever-promised day.

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If I had one minute
I'd tell you how you got me caught up in it at the sight of your face.
If I had one minute
I'd tell you how your kiss took me away and felt safe in your embrace.
If I had one minute
Put sixty seconds up on the clock and I won't waste no time.
I only got one minute
To throw everything to the side and ask you if you'll be mine.

I don't possess the lyrical perfection
Only got words that describe to you my love and affection.
Find the rhythm of the world through my many articulations
My punctuations might better describe the situation.
Why don't you sit down and let me talk to you for a minute
I gotta say what's on my mind before I get caught up in it.

When I look in the mirror
I still see you right behind me
And when I'm layin in my bed
I can feel you right beside me
Boy I don't know what you did to get inside my head.

I don't wanna let you go
But I gotta let you know
You're the greatest thing that's happened to me

And I can't help but smile when I think
Of what we could be.

It was something I can't explain,
you're in my brain now.
You loved me so good and it's a shame how
you been been gone for almost three hundred and sixty five days now.
and I'm still missin you.

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