Eyes closed and deep sleep,
Surrounding me in four walls
With you by my side.

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It's seven fifteen
Morning sun and there's no doubt
That I am at home.

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I’ve never looked forward to the fall, 

probably because I’ve never had you by my side.   
Time goes slowly now, 
but there never seems to be enough of it. 
I’ve counted the stars on my ceiling, 
memorized their patterns. 
Come the winter solstice I will have to start counting 
and recounting again, 
but I will do it all for you. 
Year after year,  
Repetition turns to traditional ceremony.  
And it will all come to an end 
Where it began: 
In the summer time 
Only to start again, 
Reborn anew.  
So take my hand, 
As we walk towards an autumn sunset. 
We can savor all the cool breezes, 
Before we brave the winter.  

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