Don't take pride
in never asking for help.
Know you are nothing more than a man
and I a woman,
and we are not perfect.
Rather pride yourself
on being man enough
to ask Him for help
because you are only a man
and she, a woman.
And loving her is no sin.
You did make me look up Hubris,
so there is my  humility.

Can your love affair
turn into a threesome?
Mind transpires words
that inspires minds to reply
with more that just a smile.
How's that for fruition?
Got me looking up words and shit.
So I'm a little rough around the edges.

But my edges are soft like
A summer breeze
through the willow tree
just as the sun touches the sky
one last time
before a good night...
...Your words paint beautiful images
Behind my eyelids.

My muse is a warmth
and closed eyes.
No need for lenguas to be sharpened
Because they are pressed up against
and in between
the lips that kiss mine.

My carpe diem of today
is forever waiting
For the ample sunrise of tomorrow
with you by my side.

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