Each one of us has a story to tell. So pay attention because even if you think you know me well.. something like the back of my hand- my story is in my palm. Each line is a wrinkle in time from a life before...

I don't need to live the high life, I'd rather live the Fly Life. I don't need no shining lights, just the stars shining bright. I don't need the money, just the milk and the honey. I don't want the cars and the clothes, I just want 16 bars and notes. I have no need for AARP because seeing another sun rise is the best life insurance one could have...

Forget the rock on my finger to commit, just wrap your arms around me and find a beat to rock with. I don't mind that we missed the train so long as you were kissing me in the rain too long. Let's break up just to make up... or not break up, just make up for being away from each other too long. I don't care that my hair is a mess, run your fingers through it a little bit longer until my eyes have no choice but to let you out of their site. And when the moon is the only guide through the night, let my head rest on your chest so I know where I am when the morning comes...

I don't want the caviar and the wine, just hand me yellow rice and a bottle of rum. Let the gold and diamonds stay in the caves, I'd rather have a shell from where the sea kisses the shore. I would take a sunny day over a brightly lit stage cause I don't need the fame to know the true meaning of the name Fly Vida. Because life is fly whether it be from a bird's eye where the wings of words allow every voice to be heard or from the eye of the storm that throws you and forces you to transform your Vida. So don't hold on to anything tangible for too long because at the end of the day, a dollar is just some paper, a penny is just metal, but a smile is priceless.

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A familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach
If I would have stayed I would have become it.
Like Alicia Keys said you give me that Heartburn
But like she also said, you just another Lesson Learned.

Because if I'd considered you a waste of time
It'd be worse- you'd have wasted mine.
And that might give you some twisted satisfaction
But I'm just gonna hit you with the opposite reaction.

Those late night fights had me feelin kinda tight
But it's a new morning and I'm feeling alright.
My mind is clear, my spirits are high.
And unlike time, I'll let you pass me by.

I won't apologize for being a mess
I'm only sorry to myself for letting you cause me stress.
But I wouldn't trade it a thousand times.
Otherwise I wouldn't be writing these lines.

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Perhaps the reason when words go unwritten for a period of time is that I would rather have memories lost than recorded like the Aztecs and Incas that are still legible today. I want them to be lost in Atlantis, to be constantly pondered but never found and I'd rather them be made up then surfaced to eat at me once again. I want the touch of your hand and the sound of your voice to fall so deep into the pit of my stomach it is broken down by the acidity of my body. I got this heartburn every time I hear your voice after I have almost forgotten what you sound like, a message on my phone whose retention time is about to expire. I would have waited for you should I have known that your heart was somewhere in this universe and not behind the bars of a black hole.

Sometimes the only reason we keep coming back to only to ask "why". Because even a bad explanation is better than not having one at all. I am caught between deleting your number from my phone so I don't see your name and keeping it there so I know when to bounce back and forth between answering and pressing "ignore".

When my fault lines are about to bring fourth the lava that runs in my heart, just to hear your voice is relief. So now I'm caught in a catch 22 with the two of you between hearing your voice and seeing your face and having you pushed to the back of my mind which would be a blessing in disguise. But I will not let it get the best of me. I'll let it roll.

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