I wake up daily
Before the sun comes up,
And am astounded
At my excitement.
To see another morning
And to do it all again-
What I did yesterday,
And the day before that
And still the day before.
Except tomorrow
Since its Saturday...
Yet the same day
Never passes me twice.
I will go home
And sit
And reflect
And look at my reflection-
My hair, tousled
NOT an herbal essence kind of tousle:
Like I-fought-a-bull
Nothing cute about it.
My eyes are tired
But not a weary tired
An I'm-thankful-for-all-I-have-seen tired
They have a light
That looks forward to the future
Of the redundant orgininality
Of tomorrows.
It is not glamorous by any means
To be face flat at the end
Of each day.
It is frustrating
That come 2 PM on a Friday afternoon
I can no longer function
Or even form a sentence,
But it is what I thrive on...
I am a #teacher
And I live to work.

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I do not have time for sexy
if it means I do not dance.
I am far too strong
Too fly
for that shit.
My body is too strong
to only look like
it knows what its doing
by the bar,
less then half the time.
My thighs are too strong
for a two step.
My arms are too strong
to sway side to side.

I am too lost
between the bars and the beat
to be held up
by you
who want to grab my hand
and assume
I will press myself
up against you
hot and tight
only for you
not to be able to keep up
with my hips
that move side to side
and invade your space
just enough
for you to feel comfortable.

simply ask-
If I may welcome you
into my pure,

My euphoria lies
in conditioning my body
to endure like a Spartan.
My arms hold my balance
grabbing the air
as if there was something there.
I will push my legs
to the very limits
as they question
their existence
as thighs or
pillars to the Colosseum,
My hips
you know
the ones passed from the Goddesses
yeah, those.
My center
your guiding light
through a set
of Salsa
and everything in between.

If you are brave,
we can sweat together
get lost together.
Because I do not have time for you
if it means I do not dance.

I'm far too fly
for that shit.

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We are so keen
On always being
The last ones seen.
The last ones heard
Always get the last word.
Words you'll be eating
For breakfast lunch and dinner
For the last
Rest of your days.

When the silence only brings lonely
And yelling
Is the only
Thing that seems to get through
To you...
...I am all out of options
But I have one more thing
Up my sleeve
A magic trick
Of sorts.

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Let's stop
and not
travel so fast
we want to move forward
but we're staring at the past.
Looking down
at the ground
but we long to find our way,
lets stop wasting time
and live for...

If tomorrow never came
You would be happy with who you are today.

Let's slow down
and listen
to everything we've been missin
like the breeze in the trees
or the sun beamin,
streamin down my back
The light in my eyes
so I know that I'm alive.

If tomorrow never came,
Would you be happy with who you are today.

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