I want to leave a box

Of love letters for my daughter

So that she will unlock the secret

Of how love flies and falters.

I want her to know that she follows

In the footsteps of her mother

I want her to know her ancestors

She comes from a lifetime of lovers.

I want her to read

Of how her mother loved and lost

But how by example she would lead

She always loved at any cost.

She trudged through ridicule,

She shook hands with acceptance,

She never minded either of the two

Because she loved out of her own independence.

My daughter will discover

Of how her mother gave all the love she could

And although it sometimes took all of her

She didn't walk away even when she should

(Even when it hurt).

And even though there were storms

there were rainbows after the rain

And I want her to know even though she'll scorn

There is no joy without pain.

After reading one of the letters

And knowing what I have is hers

She will look in the mirror

And fall in love with her curves.

She will sit and cry and curse the name

Of the men who hurt her mother

And I will tell her love them all the same

Because without them I wouldn't have her.

She will fall in love with the view from rooftops

Onto a city sunset

And it will all become more clear to her

Because she'll know from where she gets it.

My daughter will read the letters

And learn from my mistakes

And know that even when you're surrounded by love

For another in your heart there's space.

At the bottom of the box lies one more letter

A bit longer than the rest

And at the top it will read "I saved this one for last,

Because this love story's the best"

She'll read of a boy who met a girl

And how they fell in love

And though things were hard they built a life

Something like what fairy tails are made of.

She'll read of her father and mother

Exchanging vows and rings

And how every day they loved each other

More just from the little things.

My daughter will read the final line knowing

Of thier love until they're old

Because "A new old fashioned love story

Is the best love story ever told"

My daughter will go through life

Knowing she is loved

And I pray that she will always know

What she is capable of.

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In a time frame of instant gratification, there is a mind state that love can be the perfect concoction just by adding water... why don't we take the time to get to know each other? For a second time that is because you were sky high when we met the first time... but that was a natural remedy to the fact that you were scared of me.
We'll go to your Facebook likes when we can't remember exactly what your face looks like..Instead of trying to imagine how the summer heat reflected off your cheeks when the sun kissed your face... or remember the look in your eyes when they met up with mine to have conversations for days at a time.
Instead of seeing how well your fingers type, I'd rather remember what they feel like when you hold my hand and it fits so perfectly with yours.
What some would consider chore, I consider luxury: like not knowing what your favorite books, movies and TV shows are before we meet.
Let's get lost in a TV series that we only intend of watching the first episode of... but because we can't get enough of each other, make a commitment to watch all one hundred and twenty episodes in order together.. whether we together or not.
And this poem will constantly be under construction because when it comes to love, there is no final say, no one gets the last word... But I will give what I have to the world because that's the effort love deserves.

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I'll start with now

and bring you back to the beginning
Because now I realize 
That I've only begun to live.

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I don't know the names of my students. Why? I blame it on mathematics. I have thirty students that I break into two groups to meet once a week to dance. I spend sixty percent of my time facing away from them and another twenty percent is spend looking at their feet so my facial recognition is about 25 percent.. and considering the fact that I only see then for an hour and a half further impedes my process so that cuts it to about fifteen percent.
This is why I don't know the names of my students.

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