Lookin back 21 years of my past and wondering why the best things didn't last.
I wonder if you really saw the light in my eyes that night.

I wonder if you heard me say "I love you" for one last time.
Why didn't I hold on longer? Why didn't I look back?

I would give anything to see your face just one more time.
14 years later and I can still hear your voice perfectly.
Before I close my eyes tonight, I will pray
That I meet you in my dreams.

I will no longer let my eyes lie for me
You will know the thoughts that cross my mind every minute
If you just take the short moment.
to look into my eyes.

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When I felt most alone,
You carried me through my darkest hour.
You were right by my side
When the devil threatened to devour
My soul, my being
My entire gift from you.
I know that you will not deny me
You're the purest meaning of the truth.

I need you, I love you
You make my life complete.
You're worth more than gold and diamonds,
No riches could compete.
You know my words before they part my lips
You ease my soul from the restlessness.
You know me better than I know myself
I want to worship you and no one else.

Take my hand, take my heart.
Let us never be apart.
Even when my skies are dark
Let us never be apart.
When the clouds seem to clear
I will give you the praise.
When the sun brightens my day
I will give you the praise.

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I don't know what to say to you. From the first time I read your words I was intrigued, but I was in an unknown land, never before have I experienced something like that. that... as time went by and I continued to crawl through the loopholes of your metaphors that are to me so real and upfront they couldn't get much closer to the truth, and the fact that they capture every bit of emotion and air from me and leave me breathless, I began to dig deeper and deeper into the jungle of your mind and somewhere in the darkest most desolate place sat the epitome of what was wrapped up in your words all along, the part of me that took what seemed like centuries to show you, was in front of me all along. as I sit and think about how your words speak volumes, they need not be told with volume in your voice, just a simple whisper in my ear will do and a gentle hand on my neck but I haven't even gotten to the lips yet... let your index finger reference the indents of my smile and your fingertips run across my lips so that part of you will stay for me to taste while my leg goes from crossed over me to encompassing you, wrapped with judgment and insecurities, it finds the safest place possible, on your lap to rest with your bones while the rest of me still filled with judgment and insecurities runs free cause that's what your words do to me and for me all while at the same time embracing my mind with the thought of you embracing me I somehow get lost in the space between our two bodies so make it disappear, hold me tight no longer with just your words but with your arms around my waist and my arms around your shoulders we'll find a way through this night of our lives that is set so gently on the city skyline by the setting sun.. the sight that I find myself gazing upon like I was gazing into your eyes feeling every emotion and transmitting them when my lips find refuge from the darkness of the sun dipped in horizon, in a reflection of my life and what my eyes cannot see, ears cannot hear, nose cannot smell nor can the voice speak.. Only the touch of skin can comprehend... but at the same time let me breathe you in, see how perfect it can look, hear your whispers or our echoed scream, those of pain and pleasure, in the moments of tribulation and ecstasy... wrap your mind in my words and my thoughts.. Then you will see me in my barest form...

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