The air is heavy with summer sunshine
I've never slept with only a sheet on the bed before
Before these nights
Before I was wrapped in love and security
Before all of my problems were left at the door
I don't even pay bills in this room anymore.
The fan on 3
Under the cover
By morning it will be gone
Along with our clothes
Because heat overcame our bodies
But we still had to be that much closer
To each other
To fill the space that was left
By what ever thread count that disappeared.
Laying in bed for hours on end
Even though we're both starving
And have a craving for cafe con leche
Our addiction to this bed is more powerful.
My addiction to you is more powerful than that...
I've always been able to hear cars from the window
But now I listen.
For they have always been there.
But I have never been here.
In this place
That has so much love to give
As do I.
To you, to them, to everyone.

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