Beautiful women and beautiful girls,
Your hips were made to rule the world
To knock it off center with one switch in your step
The power you possess many people forget
Including yourself, other women and too many times men
We build ourselves up, they try to break us down again
I just got one question for them:
What happened to chivalry?
To women of the 21st century
You were their heart always worn on their sleeve
And a man that cheated but he didn't leave
To many young girls you were nothing more
Than a broken frame on a kitchen floor
Mixed with their mothers tears
Because that's the only form that their fathers appeared...

Tear down the walls that make your word night
And look to the sun and make darkness into light
All you need in your life is a beautiful smile
Only to know that you're worthwhile
You're so much more than your ass and your breasts
You are defined by your intellect
You are not the measurements that lyricists impose
You are not correlated with the amount of skin you show.
But rather when you show what you know.

Beautiful Women and Beautiful Girls
Your hips are made to rule the world.
Challenge the world with your beautiful mind
Words of wisdom as numerous as stars that shine.

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I wish that you believed in love, so then maybe you could see the love I have to give. Like a trap star, I got so much I sell the shit. But nobody wants it, all having been scorned by the one before. So I'm sellin mine in bulk at a discounted rate- lacking conversation and maybe a second date. Always only half invested, I keep having to get myself tested to see if something's love or lust, and always saying "In God I trust" but trust less in the dollar bills that are leaving people unfulfilled like a bad trip on a half ass stash. Like a junkie out of rehab, you swore off love because her lies tied the belt around your arm as her breath fueled the fire of her kisses that cooked and were injected into you veins, that was the only pain you knew of love. Left strung out on the bathroom floor your hopes and dreams went down the drain along with your hope that you'd get another hit of her. Her love was your drug and it turned into addiction- a daily procedure, she'd tell you lies of pride and leave you alone to seizure. You checked yourself in to the nearest center for rehabilitation and you made gettin clean your obligation.
I'm sitting here wondering if there's any hope for a relapse cause you've seemed to have swept off my feet and I'm standing on my kneecaps. I'm not saying I want you to fall back to the track of what backtracked you, but the feeling that comes when something you're in is the truth. I want to be your natural high. Trippin off life and all the little things. Let me hold your hand so can feel the beat of my heart pulsing through your veins. I don't wanna make you blind, I just want to open your heart so you don't see the end before the shit ever starts. That was my problem too, but I had to live in the moment. I knew that they'd be gone, I just couldn't have shown it. I just want to make you breathless, remove your fear like articles of clothing and shed this..
They say if you want to stay alive, don't get high on your own supply... unless of course you sharin- that's better, then you can get high together. John Legend said we on cloud 9 together. Let my kiss send you to another place while my hair that falls around you is the only way to find your way back. Lay me on my back and rest your head on my chest and exhale your stress. I'll inhale the lies and believe me when I tell you "everything's going to be aright". Everything's going to be alright.

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"Just once before I die
I want to climb up on a tenement sky
Dream my lungs out till I cry
Then scatter my ashes through the Lower East Side."

Where babies cry and hands collide
Whether givin dap or throwin die.
We are the first in a line of many
Who made something out of nothing: a dream and a penny.
Like a phoenix, they rose from the dust of defeat
And brought the rhythm of their home back to the streets.

The scraps of culture that America ignored
Became the boat of what got us ashore.
Jazz from Harlem mixed with Rhythm and Blues
Became acquainted with the drums that Tito Puente used
To create a music that refused to die
Salsa: established on the Lower East Side.
So many legends and have come and gone until today
But we will always remember “Aguanile.”
The music that played through the day and night
Can still be heard on the Lower East Side.
Lavoe and Puente, Palmeri and Colón
Celia Crúz made her voyage alone.
As a platinum selling Latina in a white man’s world
She kept singing with her head up and her tongue curled.

The same blocks that gave us beats to abide
Also have a darker side.
With gunshots and sirens- like Piñero said:
“The streets are hot and feed off those who bleed to death.”
We took our own lives when violence was brought upon us
Too many children grew up fatherless.
If walls could talk they would tell you
Of all the pain that they’ve been though.
Boys and men who were smashed against the pavement
Ones that screamed and others that will never breathe again.
Hot like ice and cold like fire
Signs that read “gunman for hire.”
Read between the lines of a “Help Wanted” sign
Outside a legit business with a ringleader inside.
Kids stopping by on a daily basis
Lookin for work as a foot soldier in case this
Thing that they call school don’t get them nowhere
Cause remember- they’re not from around here.
But they makin their way on the Lower East Side
Where all eyes on you- can’t even the rats hide.
Cause its survival of the fittest just see another day
And in order to get in good you gotta play the game.
Your mothers and aunts are worried to death
But you gotta eat- so forget about the stress.
You gotta play the game whether you like it or not,
But there’s gotta be a breaking point where this all needs to STOP.

If you go down to Third street, between avenues B and C
People walk to a different beat.
A place that’s an escape from the world outside
Where fingers snap and words collide. 
It was in the year 1975
Where you could see a generation strive
To find their souls on the city skyline
Amidst the smallest of confines.
Tongues spit metaphors and air filled the lungs
Of the poets that paved the way for many more to come.
The stage that was built by (Miguel) Piñero and (Bimbo) Rivas
Was blessed decades later by Lemon Andersen and Beau Sia.
The place filled to capacity, bodies filling every space
Not an empty seat in the house, yet even more people found their place
Posted up against the wall all eyes fixed forward
Because when a poet raised their hands, no eyes were lowered.
They were free to clap, snap fingers and call out
In accordance with what a poet spoke about.
The Utopia that I speak of exists until this day
We call it the NuyoRican Poets Cafe.
Where all are welcome bring yourself and your freedom
A dream and a wish and the desire to achieve them.

Let us be the first in a line of many
To remember out culture and give it to our babies.
The English and the Spanish
As much as their tongues can manage.
Let's not be so quick to go against one another
Because in order to survive, we all need each other.
I want to live in a world where we all from the block
And we gotta support each other whether we like it or not.

"So please when I die
Don't take me far away
Keep me nearby
take my ashes and scatter them thru out
the Lower East Side."

In memory of Piñero, and all the pioneers of the time...

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Lookin back 21 years of my past and wondering why the best things didn't last.
I wonder if you really saw the light in my eyes that night.

I wonder if you heard me say "I love you" for one last time.
Why didn't I hold on longer? Why didn't I look back?

I would give anything to see your face just one more time.
14 years later and I can still hear your voice perfectly.
Before I close my eyes tonight, I will pray
That I meet you in my dreams.

I will no longer let my eyes lie for me
You will know the thoughts that cross my mind every minute
If you just take the short moment.
to look into my eyes.

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When I felt most alone,
You carried me through my darkest hour.
You were right by my side
When the devil threatened to devour
My soul, my being
My entire gift from you.
I know that you will not deny me
You're the purest meaning of the truth.

I need you, I love you
You make my life complete.
You're worth more than gold and diamonds,
No riches could compete.
You know my words before they part my lips
You ease my soul from the restlessness.
You know me better than I know myself
I want to worship you and no one else.

Take my hand, take my heart.
Let us never be apart.
Even when my skies are dark
Let us never be apart.
When the clouds seem to clear
I will give you the praise.
When the sun brightens my day
I will give you the praise.

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I don't know what to say to you. From the first time I read your words I was intrigued, but I was in an unknown land, never before have I experienced something like that. that... as time went by and I continued to crawl through the loopholes of your metaphors that are to me so real and upfront they couldn't get much closer to the truth, and the fact that they capture every bit of emotion and air from me and leave me breathless, I began to dig deeper and deeper into the jungle of your mind and somewhere in the darkest most desolate place sat the epitome of what was wrapped up in your words all along, the part of me that took what seemed like centuries to show you, was in front of me all along. as I sit and think about how your words speak volumes, they need not be told with volume in your voice, just a simple whisper in my ear will do and a gentle hand on my neck but I haven't even gotten to the lips yet... let your index finger reference the indents of my smile and your fingertips run across my lips so that part of you will stay for me to taste while my leg goes from crossed over me to encompassing you, wrapped with judgment and insecurities, it finds the safest place possible, on your lap to rest with your bones while the rest of me still filled with judgment and insecurities runs free cause that's what your words do to me and for me all while at the same time embracing my mind with the thought of you embracing me I somehow get lost in the space between our two bodies so make it disappear, hold me tight no longer with just your words but with your arms around my waist and my arms around your shoulders we'll find a way through this night of our lives that is set so gently on the city skyline by the setting sun.. the sight that I find myself gazing upon like I was gazing into your eyes feeling every emotion and transmitting them when my lips find refuge from the darkness of the sun dipped in horizon, in a reflection of my life and what my eyes cannot see, ears cannot hear, nose cannot smell nor can the voice speak.. Only the touch of skin can comprehend... but at the same time let me breathe you in, see how perfect it can look, hear your whispers or our echoed scream, those of pain and pleasure, in the moments of tribulation and ecstasy... wrap your mind in my words and my thoughts.. Then you will see me in my barest form...

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there is a silence that only the street lamps could tell you.
for a brief moment after they have been put to rest
after another watchful night,
they speak of a quiet that comes from the streets
that are yet untouched by daylight.
cars only move in the distance,
but the streets that surround me are still asleep.
as the sky lightens, i do not fear the silence
because it welcomes life.
drawing children from their slumber
and people to the pavement,
this is the circle of life and the cycle
that ends and begins in this time.
a cool breeze makes its way to my window
and greets me to listen to the sound of silence,
for it is where i find peace.

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My eyes map out the lines of life on your face as my fingers forge paths in the valleys that span your chest and back. My tongue explores the rapids of your kiss.. I only know your shallow. The white capped waves atop deep, deep rivers. I want to know the words and thoughts that lie on the banks. Secrets never spoken. I want to swim upstream to your earliest memories so I know where you have been, and race downstream, so I may find where you are headed. I want to dive deep into your eyes where your soul lies and your dreams fly. As I ascend my legs scale cliffs and hold onto you for dear life. I want to fill every space between your fingers with my own so that I know we're both whole. I want to be the one to make you the happiest and have the potential to make you hurt the most. I want to be the one to make you the most vulnerable, and provide you the greatest refuge from the storm. I want my insecurites to embrace your vulerabilities so that we may both be... Open.

I have only five minutes to express to you what it would take ten millenniums to verbalize, so look into my eyes and take my hand. Follow my lead and wrap your arms around me. Feel secure to rest your bones, and I promise you will never be left alone. And if you ever find yourself losing count of the stars in the sky, close your eyes and imagine me with you, that I may help you find where you left off. That I may help you find where you left. So that I may help you find... My mind travels miles to find you again.

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I think the celestial beings that created bonds between Mayan kings and the Sun god tranplated their practices in the 21st century when they encountered you and I. They searched the constalations to give us the perfect relation so that even Satan himself couldn't break through the bonds that bind us. Even when the sun rose and wiped every star from the sky, Alpha and Omega remained in perfect sight. I was born of you, like Bastet born of Ra. You protect me during the day, and I will be by your side when the moon's in the sky.

If it was up to you, there would be no harm that came to me, but you can only sit by and observe as the world tries to break me down. But I have your bones, and I will only be broken down to resurrect stronger. As many times as you see my hear thrown on the floor, because I have your heart, I will never love less. You give me peace and ease of mind.

You give me the courage I need to be a pioneer in a world of followers. To make my own path in this life, so that I know everything I have done was for myself and in my best interest. Your smile lights up my life and I can help but smile myself. I find you spirit within my soul, and I know that you are always with me. I will always be your little girl.

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he saw her from across the room
she had a good build, strong yet soft.
she danced with rhythm in her hips
when the music flowed life through them.
his being longed to dance with another.
but his animal took over the rest.
he knew she was strong, yet weaker than he.
she had eyes full of drive and love.
he became acquainted with her eyes catching his.
befriended her, even, when they danced.
spoke of common interests.
exchanged numbers, he was at a level of trust with her.
he would only lay the dirt, and plant the seed.
let nature do the rest.

she found pleasure somewhere between his arms
as they danced for the first time.
he turned her almost as good as her father.
she could feel his body against hers.
he was strong, sturdy- she thought nothing of him.
she played the game by giving him her number.
maybe something would grow from the seed that she planted.
at least it was someone to text in the middle of the night.
but one night in the middle of the night
she was pulled in one thousand different directions
when she went back to school.
he was lost somewhere in the whirlwind of her mind.
she had meant to get around to it
between easter and the summer,
but somehow never got around to it.

until the last week or so, after the storm was calm again
she called... no answer.
she hung up, disappointed.
then a ring. his voice was lifted from the dust and brushed off
as he spoke of his days in her current destination.
she became excited at the thought of seeing him.
days she waited to go back to where he was in his newfound home.
she was finally touched down.
no less than 48 hours upon her arrival he messaged her:
"Want 2 go dancing?"
it wasn't a thursday, so it wouldn't be with her father
like when they first met.
"Sure. Where? When?"
"I'll pick you up at 8"

and there he was, 8 p.m. in the driveway of her house
facing her parents and household.
he braved the risk, she believed for her.
this was foreign to her all together.
they went out, exchanged good conversation.
he paid for drinks, and brought her home.
no questions asked- just a hug
and a goodnight.
she thought there would be the
awkward conversation of "are you going to back my house?"
having to be turned down.
she knew he had a doctorate,
but that didnt make her want to give him vip access
into her pants...

to make a long story short,
She said He was worth it.
He said She was worthless.

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every night
i pray to god that maybe when i close my eyes
i'll dream of you and then to my surprise
you'll be next to me when i wake
you're the one that i can't shake
oh baby

you've been gone
and ever since you left, boy i've been all alone
these sheets are lonely even though i'm grown
this bed was made for just us two
my heart's got room for me and you
my boo

see i can't
picture myself lovin any other man
i saw you puttin a ring on my hand
but then your feelings up and changed
the pieces of my heart got re arranged

miss your voice
but even more i miss your eyes i can't deny
i miss your kisses boy i miss your lips
i miss your arms wrapped 'roud my waist
no one is gonna take your place

even though
i love you boy, i do, but i gotta let you go
you said you cared but never let it show
i think its time to just do me
hopefully in time you see
...Gotta Love Me.

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These are just some quick haikus...

Live for days like this
When the moons hangs with the sun
Nights falls and stars shine.

Run down to and through my feet
When I'm around you.

Make my world complete
By letting me find myself
Please stay by my side.

I almost love you
Almost sing in the subway
Almost ain't enough.

My best friend's wedding
May very well be my own
I secretly wish.

To the man sleeping:
I want to give you the world
But I need this quarter.

Wrapped up in your arms
I only know the shallow 
I want to dive deep.

Leaving you behind
Never felt so good to me 
I'm finally DONE.

Watch lingering dreams 
Come sharply into focus 

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"Love's pure silver silver flame 
gives each innermost spirit 
invisible warmth."
-Artist Unknown
Your love reaches deep within me. It gropes at the darkness of where it last slept and finds that it no longer carries the scent of you but left abandoned like the first class in the Titanic. It's been centuries from lives past since love last resided there before it left for a few lifetimes to go fight for herself. She braved on as men invaded her land and stole her children to make them work as dogs. She was the leader of an army of Amazon woman warriors but they were more like goddesses, their love for their people kept them alive. Before the days of war, were the lives of leisure, when she ruled the pyramids and supported the world on the balance of her shoulder with her hips. Love hadn't been there since before Eve sprang from Adam's rib and the dirt from the earth as they fell into the hole of original sin.
Your love entered me without hesitance. A bright white light around the room when you walked in. The north star of David stood in second and third place while the flame your love carried with bare hands and risked second and third degree burns shined brightly. Your love burned hot silver and warmed every corner that was once frigid and lonely. Your love reached deep inside me past every molecule of me that stood in the way and charged to my innermost self. The place where only I resided, but barely knew. With its light, your love came in and revealed parts of me that were lost in those past lifetimes. A love for myself and for those around me. I will spread the love that you gave to me and reach deep inside others with my heart as your hand holds mine and touches my soul at the same time.

...In a haiku poem, only half the story is told... It is the other half you must pay close attention to.

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Each one of us has a story to tell. So pay attention because even if you think you know me well.. something like the back of my hand- my story is in my palm. Each line is a wrinkle in time from a life before...

I don't need to live the high life, I'd rather live the Fly Life. I don't need no shining lights, just the stars shining bright. I don't need the money, just the milk and the honey. I don't want the cars and the clothes, I just want 16 bars and notes. I have no need for AARP because seeing another sun rise is the best life insurance one could have...

Forget the rock on my finger to commit, just wrap your arms around me and find a beat to rock with. I don't mind that we missed the train so long as you were kissing me in the rain too long. Let's break up just to make up... or not break up, just make up for being away from each other too long. I don't care that my hair is a mess, run your fingers through it a little bit longer until my eyes have no choice but to let you out of their site. And when the moon is the only guide through the night, let my head rest on your chest so I know where I am when the morning comes...

I don't want the caviar and the wine, just hand me yellow rice and a bottle of rum. Let the gold and diamonds stay in the caves, I'd rather have a shell from where the sea kisses the shore. I would take a sunny day over a brightly lit stage cause I don't need the fame to know the true meaning of the name Fly Vida. Because life is fly whether it be from a bird's eye where the wings of words allow every voice to be heard or from the eye of the storm that throws you and forces you to transform your Vida. So don't hold on to anything tangible for too long because at the end of the day, a dollar is just some paper, a penny is just metal, but a smile is priceless.

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A familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach
If I would have stayed I would have become it.
Like Alicia Keys said you give me that Heartburn
But like she also said, you just another Lesson Learned.

Because if I'd considered you a waste of time
It'd be worse- you'd have wasted mine.
And that might give you some twisted satisfaction
But I'm just gonna hit you with the opposite reaction.

Those late night fights had me feelin kinda tight
But it's a new morning and I'm feeling alright.
My mind is clear, my spirits are high.
And unlike time, I'll let you pass me by.

I won't apologize for being a mess
I'm only sorry to myself for letting you cause me stress.
But I wouldn't trade it a thousand times.
Otherwise I wouldn't be writing these lines.

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Perhaps the reason when words go unwritten for a period of time is that I would rather have memories lost than recorded like the Aztecs and Incas that are still legible today. I want them to be lost in Atlantis, to be constantly pondered but never found and I'd rather them be made up then surfaced to eat at me once again. I want the touch of your hand and the sound of your voice to fall so deep into the pit of my stomach it is broken down by the acidity of my body. I got this heartburn every time I hear your voice after I have almost forgotten what you sound like, a message on my phone whose retention time is about to expire. I would have waited for you should I have known that your heart was somewhere in this universe and not behind the bars of a black hole.

Sometimes the only reason we keep coming back to only to ask "why". Because even a bad explanation is better than not having one at all. I am caught between deleting your number from my phone so I don't see your name and keeping it there so I know when to bounce back and forth between answering and pressing "ignore".

When my fault lines are about to bring fourth the lava that runs in my heart, just to hear your voice is relief. So now I'm caught in a catch 22 with the two of you between hearing your voice and seeing your face and having you pushed to the back of my mind which would be a blessing in disguise. But I will not let it get the best of me. I'll let it roll.

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Everything you preach
Must be the same as what you teach.
All these people fakin like they anointed,
but the rest of us know who God appointed.
Would you face humility for me? I highly doubt it.
For me, would you speak against adversity?
Would you die to set me free?
Not just for me, but for all humanity?
Now, y'al lookin at me with ya eyes all w i d e
Thinkin 'Damn, this girl is out of her mind.'
but to tell you the truth I couldn't care less,
Cause you labeling me ain't worth my stress.
In reality, the only one that can judge me
is the only one who hovers above me.
And that will be on the judgment day,
and I don't know exactly what he'll say,
but it's the same to me as it is to you
cause God forgives, no matter what we do.
He knows about me and about you.
And about everything you've been through.
From our joy to our sorrow,
even what we'll encounter tomorrow.
He knows when you sleep and if you'll wake
or if he decides your soul to take.
Cause if he did, he'd be takin and makin and angel in heaven.
and I'd know that I'd see your face again.
When I see the beauty of God's love
and see that nothing can come above:
He freed me from sin.
He died for me to set me free.
He spoke against adversity.
Not only for me, but for all humanity.
So you see?
It's a real, unconditional kind of thing...
...Cause nothing can be compared
to the Love of a King.

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It was something unexpected when I saw your eyes that day.
Something was familiar, though what it was I couldn't say.
Your lips took me away, into another world
Where your kiss can take a grain of sand and change it to a pearl.
Your eyes are the stars in the midnight sky
Even when clouds surround you, they're impossible to hide.
I want to explore every mark on the palm of your hand
Because every square inch of you is unmarked land.
Your smile is a reflection of the way my heart sings
And your body gives off heat that only the sun could bring.

Infatuated with the thought of you laying beside me.
Your head on my chest and your breath on my neck provide me
A memory of you that transcends to my dreams
Where the darkness of night is broken by moonbeams
And when I look up and see every star in the sky
I will remember the light in your eyes.
Or is it mine, cause you see
I could stay awake all night, just to watch you sleep...

...I awoke to find it was all a dream
To realize that nothing is what it seems.
You said you would wait at the foot of the gate,
I guess when I took the chance, I was too late.
I opened up the gate to find nobody there,
Only the piece of my heart you left behind: naked, cold, and bare.
No protection wrapped around it- no phone call, no goodbye,
Nothing but a broken promise- you said you'd never make me cry.

The walls began to break and then the water flooded in,
The earth began to shake and I sank to the bottom of the ocean.
I drowned for a minute, choking on the water,
Then something pulled me up, without hesitance or falter.
Filled with love and kindness, we were worlds apart.
They thought nothing of it, but it really saved my heart.
To value myself on someone else's terms is difficult to measure,
Because someone's trash is another person's treasure.

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I cannot deny how I felt when I was around you and even when you're not here with me. A light you left behind from your eyes brightened my world and your shadow kept me warm at night. You were always on my mind and I couldn't seem to escape the lovely thoughts we made together. Even in the middle of the night I would awake at the sight of your face and fall back to sleep when I knew you were dreaming of me too. You smiled and my world was alright. Everything was alright...

Now all I am left with is a hollowed out shell of what was once your place in my heart and a mere echo your voice and laughter. At night only thing that makes me is a nightmare which I am unable to fall asleep after. With everything you told me I wonder if it is you who is unwilling to reach out for me or someone is holding you back. There is a way to call out my name and let me know you are still there. Either way, you promised me I wouldn't cry... You were right for a while.. I didn't shed a tear. But then one day the storm I had tried so hard to fight off came and shook my body into a sleep. Every heave of my chest sent me further into the why's and how's of the moment. When I awoke, the storm was over, but the damage of the broken promises and uprooted memories plagued me. I was left alone to repair my broken heart alone...

You have become another statistic in my life, another time my heart will be mended, though it will take time. You are the one I look at with pity because I would have loved you with all that I had. You couldn't find a better love than that. No matter what you said to me, you threw me to the back and left me out in the cold to mend myself. You are nothing. Nothing but another lesson learned. I will not cry for you. When, or even if I cry, it will be for me. You will no longer control my feelings or hold a cloud over my head in the brightest day. The rays of the sun will shine on me and kiss my face with memories of my childhood, and ambition for the future. Too many times I have said goodbye, you told me. Yet I stand here saying the same thing to you. Goodbye, love. Goodbye.

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I can't give you all of me.
There's some things I need to keep.

In order to give you other things. 
Like my lips.
I need to be able to give you a kiss.
I need my nose to nuzzle you with.
I need my ears: when you call out my name
I'll use my voice to do the same
I need my eyes so you can see my soul
I need my hands so there's something to hold. 
So I guess I'm giving you all of me
It just took me until now to see.

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The best thing you ever had is passing you by
but it's time for me to spread my wings and fly.
In an event such as this it's so sad to see
that you and I together wasn't meant to be
I'm finally over and done with you
there's nothing more that you can do
to make me stay I'm out the door,
I don't even want to think about you no more.
I'm underneath my angel's wings
and fly I will to better things....

I remember when you told me
You would never let me go
That forever we’d be together
And it was me you’d always hold
With your arms wrapped around me
Closest your heart
Or on those nights when fear surrounds me
When I’m alone and in the dark.

I was there for you, I loved you
You said that you loved me
Now I know I wasn’t nothing
Cause you only care about the money
The zeros and commas
The dividends and guap
I wish that I could give you a mirror
Cause this bullshit needs to stop

Like a car, you traded me in
For a brand new BMW
It better be leather interior
Cause a week later- shit got broken into
I may be scratched and dented,
But it's all because of you.
No one had me the way you did
Now you see what you can do.
I know that I’m not rich
But it’s love that’s gonna hold me
Cause money comes and after it goes
You just gonna end up lonely
I’m tellin you for your own good
I don’t give a shit you not with me
I don’t give a damn- cause I deserve a man
Whose gonna love and set me free.

I said before I couldn't do it
But this is my Last Goodbye.
I've had it with the pain you've caused
All the tears you made me cry.
So remember when you call for me
And you get no reply,
I said it once and I'll say it again
Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye.

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it's a feeling that i can't quite shake from the inside of my chest where the weight of the world lies and lies to me through the sunny day overlooking pain. i just want to dim the light on that part of my life, that it might be out of sight out of mind but there is no matter to put in your spot, so i have to find a way to dig you out. you had my heart, and every part of me that i didn't immediately need myself. you twisted my words at your will, bending me backwards and breaking me, though it gave me the courage to break free. now that i'm out on my own, sometimes i feel all alone but i know that i'd rather be fighting for myself than fighting you for nothing. God will not give me anything he knows i cannot handle. He gave me you and let me learn how to love myself, then why does my mind keep going back to you? you took my lyrics and my melody and left me an empty box with which i could do nothing but struggle to get it back. and now, one year later, I am still putting the pieces back together so that I can sing again. I will have a melody again. Never again will I let someone take my voice. I will sing high above every mountain, with a voice that can shake the trees and rock every baby to sleep. I will have my peace again. 

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The sun is smiling, a fresh cup of coffee.
This is what the perfect morning looks like.
I have so much work piled sky high
Pages that are demanding to be read.
The days pass and I must let
The emotion of words pass me by.
But for just this moment,
I will embrace every feeling:
passion, hate, jealousy, longing.
As the world stands still around me.
I will capture those feelings
In a single sentence:
I Love You.
To the mirror, to my passer-bys.
Even to the people who
Have brought tears to my eyes.
I Love You.
Because I life not lived out of love
Is a life not worth living.

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it's been so long since i felt it. the kind of thing that makes my heart skip. kinda like a trip to the moon and back again. an 'i love you to the moon and back again'. but i don't want to come back again. i want to dream among the stars in your eyes tonight. i want to lie in your sight tonight. but all i got are these city lights playin mind games with me. at night they shine so bright, knocking the stars out of the sky. taking the light from your eyes. knocking at my window, not waiting for reply they creep to my wall and outline the shadows that are a blue print to my dreams, but more like a nightmare is what it seems. i close my eyes and believe that i'm safe, even with that twisted figure above my head that makes its way into my bed to lay with me and spread like a disease, infecting my dreams- infecting me with HIV, desecrating what was once my body... all because of these city lights. These city lights- tricking me to believe that they alright- that its okay if they spend the night and leave before the sunrise. they show me lies every night, as shadows put on shows about the crack heads and hustlers that come and go, about the life on the street below, about what i can see if i just look outside my window. i'm dream a frequency where screams of sirens and gunshots keep me up at night. i walk in a realm where streets only run with blood. the only heat i feel is right before i wake in a cold sweat. 

take these dreams away from me, wipe my heart and memory clean. it may seem unachievable, but take the intangible, the unreachable the unbelievable and make it conceivable. turn my world around by tearing these city lights down. i need only to see the moon in the sky and the stars in your eyes and know that i'm alright. i'll finally sleep tonight with the curtain drawn and the shadows gone where the only thing is you in my bed and kisses placed gently on my forehead where shadows no longer play with my mind and burn scars into my memory. let our beings rip a hole in the ceiling and reach for the stars the way my arms do when i don't have you to hold on to.

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I wish you laid up in this bed with me to share my dreams that could reach the stars and circle the earth a thousand times... Get lost in the covers with one another as we explore the miles of memories from centuries ago when I was your husband and you were my wife and our life was one together made of two counterparts. Hold me close when I drift to sleep just to be sure you will meet me in my dreams. Awoken by the pulse of another beat to whisper melodies of a dream you and I were together, only to find that my dream is your reality and what awoke me was your body heat. A hand on my chest from my breast to my hip around my waist your lips taste my neck and shoulders... A familiar feeling from years past.
We are not an illusion any more than the stars that appear in the city sky. Tear these city lights down with me so that we can see even the shine in Orion's eyes. Bring down the buildings so that we can conquer each other's feeling of loneliness only by breathing life into one another so that we may be able to see the sun rise and set all from the comfort of this bed. Let the scent of your skin sink into the pillow so that I have part of you to keep me warm when it is up to the the stars in the sky and I to make love so the moon will shine just one more night.

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Look at me and tell me what you see
Hips that are too wide and a waistline that’s too big
Arms that move too much when I hold them in the air
Fingers I can’t run through the curls in my hair
My nose is too thick, there’s a space between my teeth
There’s no space at the place where my two thighs meet
My skin is too dark, too light, too brown, too white…

I am a subject of you imagination
a product of your perception
A am what you mold me to be
Whatever you want to be I will be
Like that hoe that that girl thinks that I've been
Even though she’s been with all of my men -- after me
Or maybe I'm that ghetto spic on the street
Or maybe on another note I'm that white girl from upstate
Like "Wait...
...Super-man that what?"
Maybe I'm that bible totin, verse quotin
Self proclaimed prophet that you can't stand...
Then sit your ass down.
To you I might be fat, large, "pleasantly plump" even.
News Flash: Maybe it's just... Thick.

You might take delight in my chocolate flavored hair
Sigh at the sight of my coffee colored eyes
Maybe you want to grab hold of these hips and these thighs
or these Dreaded Curses that my mother Blessed me with
... Or maybe they're just implants.
But no, I was endowed, au natural.
But how can that be? A white girl with a body?
I'm just that girl in the corner, remember?
Then tell me, how is it
That I dance with a fire in my step like I just walked off the island
And my tongue is split in two directions:
The language that was given to me, and
The language that was taken from me, given by my Grandmother
Whose hands and tongue have stood the test of time.
So before you judge me,
know you can't budge me
Because I am a figure of God's imagination,
I am the subject of his illustration.
Ain't nothing making me
Into something
I'm not meant to be
So don't try to make me fit a mold
Cause I am here, breaking your hold
To belong to you, no more.
Now look at me and tell me what you see
A smile worthwhile, a beautiful queen.

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I want to personalize it but I think I speak for many of the young women whose skin and emotions have been penetrated depreciated and have had their insides rattled by the ones before you. Left in the shallow of love's broad ocean, and hollowed out by the lack of reciprocated emotion leaves us with only ourselves to hold on to and find pleasure in.
Forgive me if the smooth jazz mixed with r&b and a touch of honey happens to come from my lips cause I lost myself for a moment, but the walls will stand strong. It is so hard to take the responsibility for each other, but its even harder to relinquish that control to another, letting my fantasies take over and erase the memories that screwed me over, allow your hand to find sanctuary in the space that lies between my thighs and my hair might fall around you along with the walls that stand around me so that i might lose my footing, trip on the cornerstone and fall for you.. but wait.. with time being cut short on my end you just gunna cut me off your end and never speak to me again..
but for the record, that was just on my record of stereotypes about some boys that I've known so I'm just speaking from experience i dare not call them men, they will never equate to that. but if you believe you can be more than just a boy to me, step up and stick around, you have only just scratched the surface of what lies on atop of my island in the ocean, and its every girls dream to make it grow two fold with the love of another, but too many times they have docked, robbed and left a barren island she she decides to pack up too, and stay in the safe house of the walls she built around it, while she waits and prays someone has enough balls to wait at the foot gate until she decides to open it... on her time.
So step up and stick around, she has been waiting to open that gate for so long.

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Devil, you can’t have me
Cause you can’t afford me
With your words and your money
Tryin’a run that game
I know where you’re aimin, honey
Tryin’a ruin my innocence and take my freedom
Tryin’a make me join ‘em cause I can’t beat ‘em
While girls are spreading their legs
And dudes are passin that dutch
I’m sittin here-- hating you so much
Cause you made them do it
They had a choice
But you took it away
With one sound of your voice.
Yes there once was a time
When I bought all your lies
How I lowered and lowered and lowered and lowered and lowered my price...
Trusted your bad credit
Accepted your counterfeit
Withdrawing on my spirit
Bringing me to negative balance
Your post-dated checks that bounced and bounced and bounced and bounced I sold out
But I'm closed down for business now
I'm no longer for sell
But even if I was-
30 pieces of silver wouldn't be enough!
(Now I ain't saying she a gold-digga...but uh...she ain't messin wit no broke, broke, broke...)
7- is HIS perfect credit score
6-6-6, I bind in the name of Jesus
By His 5 holy wounds I am healed First Peter 2:2-
4- GIVEN because of the buy 2 get 1 FREE...
3, 3, 3... is all that I need
In the name of the Father, the Son, and His Holy Spirit
You see I can't give you me
Because I am not my own
I've already been bought at a price
Sold to the highest bidder
His name- Jesus Christ
Now I know I can’t write a verse to Maya Angelou’s reprise
But like her words and God’s son “I shall rise”
From the dirt, pain, tragedy and despair
I’m worth more than can ever be compared
To any diamond or jewel
To the moon or the stars
But like the sun on a summer day
From darkness I withdraw
So Satan tempt me not, I don’t have the time
To be telling you off, not politely decline
He showed me the light
And I got it right
Like the wall of Jericho, you are coming down
Down to where my feet meet the ground
Because beneath me is where you belong
And believe me, it’s where you’ll stay
You won’t grab hold of me another day
In Jesus’ name let his will be done
How many more times will you violate me?

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My heart is tired.
It retreats within me.
To the memories of how it used to be.

The sun on the street, the wind in the trees.
Years passed is where I want to be.

I just want things to be right again.
Just want to hear theyll b alright again.

The weight of the world remained in the sky, 
& was blown away on a warm summers night.

The only love I felt was true, 
Because its response was 'I love you too.'

Take me back when you lay under the stars with me... 

years passed is where I want to be. 

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So let the sun come up again 
Rise above these concrete trees
That make up this jungle
Just like my dreams
That go back to the jungle
Up in the mountains
Where the sun breaks the fog
That the rains brought

And who ever thought
That my body fought
The elements that compose my flesh and blood
So now i will let the sun caress my back
My hair fall to my shoulders
Let the sweat fall like a tear
Running down the side of my face
Down my neck, onto my chest
And over my breasts
Where it travels with the rain
That falls from what lies above me
Be it trees or concrete
I will hold my head high
My face to the sky
And let nothing but the sun dry away
The sweat, the rain, the tears, and pain
That are hidden.
You didn't know that I was crying
When the rain traveled with my tears
Washing me bare
And the afternoon sun took it away
And let me know that I wasn't alone
And that my dreams could still fly beyond
The trees of concrete and those connected to my blood
My dreams... fueled by the fire that is my soul.

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Goaple: sing it to me Girl.
Closer to my Dreams
I sit in the darkness
I feel you next to me
That night you lay with me
song on repeat
You loved me that night.
Close your eyes and see what you believe
3 years later
you stopped when she reached your ear
as you reached for me.
Arms around me
The way they did
last time it played on repeat.
But this time you're only in my mind...
A text on my phone.
I feel you here, but you don't feel my tears.
You can't even comprehend
What I mean when I say I miss you
The way things used to be.
Your arms around me-- I'm gettin higher on repeat.
...Sometimes it feels like I'm stuck forever...
Come back to me... Hold me
Lay with me. Please.
Wipe these tears from my face.
A break. A call.
You know by my voice
As you reach for my cheek and
Gather water from the river that's for you.
you Lay me down to sleep
You know my breath
Stretching out my arms so I can Breathe
Back on repeat.
Lean on my fears to burn down.
you saved me from myself
as you hung up the phone.
you kiss me goodnight
Moving upward and onward and beyond all that I see...
And bring me closer to the clouds

I feel it in my viens....
I know that I could not go alone. 

Closer to my Dreams... You were here with me... all along.

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The sound of Happiness.
Serenity, Freedom, Enlightenment.
Right outside, there is a taste of what my heart Longs for.
A warm breeze that wraps around me gently,
The last bit of sun gazing over the clouds,
The sounds of bird calls and leaves rustling.
God, make this last forever.

As I sit in solidarity, I do not feel alone.
There is a song in my heart and it keeps me company.
Sometimes the best company I can have.
I lift my head to the sky and close my eyes.
I can hear it...
The place that my soul wants to be.

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A new page, a fresh start.
Empty space, endless possibilities.
Still, all the baggage seems to find its way
Onto these lines where I find myself,
Once again, accidentally breaking down
and Letting it All Out.
Everything from my past
Wound around what is my future.
Limited, or Unlimited?
Does what I thought was baggage
Actually diminish time itself
and allow the Past to intertwine with my present
Only to teach me for my Future?
...A beautiful disaster.

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