every night
i pray to god that maybe when i close my eyes
i'll dream of you and then to my surprise
you'll be next to me when i wake
you're the one that i can't shake
oh baby

you've been gone
and ever since you left, boy i've been all alone
these sheets are lonely even though i'm grown
this bed was made for just us two
my heart's got room for me and you
my boo

see i can't
picture myself lovin any other man
i saw you puttin a ring on my hand
but then your feelings up and changed
the pieces of my heart got re arranged

miss your voice
but even more i miss your eyes i can't deny
i miss your kisses boy i miss your lips
i miss your arms wrapped 'roud my waist
no one is gonna take your place

even though
i love you boy, i do, but i gotta let you go
you said you cared but never let it show
i think its time to just do me
hopefully in time you see
...Gotta Love Me.

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