I think you are less than adequate to handle it- 
my womaness, I mean.
Like a lioness, my womaness will bring home 
dinner to the family and run shit, trust me. 
I am the queen of my concrete jungle 
& as I pass by passerby's will bow. 
I may be a queen, but there's no need for 'your Highness', 
just call me 'your Flyness'. 
Because I am fly
even when you try to deny me and my fellow woman. 
We are all meant to be queens by our own means.

But we can't be queens without our kings. 
We'll take you to be the co-pilot of our kingdom
if we think that you can handle it. 
"What does that mean?" you ask. 
Gentlemen, it means that 
you can keep your pride in check with checks and balances, 
let me do my job while you do yours 
& handle me, with love and care. 
Respect the boundaries that I have set 
for our pride and ride the tide with me. 
There will always be trials and triumphs. 
But That's just life, baby.

But you can be my king so long as 
you can let me be the queen that I am. 
My womaness is my greatness in my step
from my thighs to my lips
from my hair to my fingertips, 
the wisdom of my intuition and the depth of my soul. 
This is the finesse of my womaness. 
We are just too fabulous to describe. 
Do you think I'm crazy? 
Maybe so, but like I said: 
something told me you're less than adequate to handle it- 

my womaness, that is.

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