First of all let me say I'd never lie to ya
Cause I'm not the same trick bitch who left you dyin for her
Who left you cryin for her
You lost your mind for her
And even three years later you were still tryin for her
When I was waitin on you, you'd run a mile for her
But you didn't see the things that I would try to get ya
just wanted to cook you dinner,
fall asleep on the couch
And now you tellin me about the things
You tryin'a figure out
But baby I know what it's like
To resist with all ya might
To avoid a fight that might keep you up at night
But this was type unavoidable
That she'd get up inside of you
In spite of you
I'm doin everything to rid my mind of you
Drake said "Better late than never,
But never late is better"
And now you telling me that you're the one
That's under pressure?
I'm rippin up the letters
Trying to keep it together
Tryin to convince myself, but noboby could do it better.

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