My emotions
cannot be replenished
like your health status on a video game.
Picking up the first aid kit is not enough.
You have to utilize it.

You left me outside in the winter's snow
cold and alone.
I waited by the door
for you to let me in.
First, I waited patiently.
Ignored the sounds
coming from inside the house.
I knew you were there,
I knew you knew I was here.
In the cold.
In the snow.

I waited when you left the house
to bring out the trash.
I let you unload your emotions
and I sat. Watched, Listened even.
You needed that.
Someone to understand.

I tried.

You passed me on your way inside,
and just as I picked up to follow you
that door closed again.

I was outside.
Waiting for you to come and get me.
I sat, loyal to you.
My feet began to freeze,
and still you left me outside.
I whined and begged,
and maybe it was because you didn't hear me.
But then again,
Who else would be waiting outside?

Time and time again
You opened that door,
and pushed me to the floor.
Off the stoop, into the snow.
"Stoop kid's afraid to leave his stoop."
Maybe that's true,
But we are alone in these woods.

It hadn't been so long that passed
but things always feel longer when winter comes.
But you were ready to come and get me.

Now, when you open the door,
Of course I will be there.
I will not be the same one you left outside.
No- she will no longer be the same dog you left at the door.

For she will have learned from the wolves
How to live in the snow.
How to have thick skin and protect herself.
How to howl at the moon.
and bleed her heart to the stars.
Now, when she needs to find herself,
unlike the dog from yesteryear
She will welcome the outdoors.
She will wait
For the summer sun to come,
but deep down,
she will still be
Man's best friend.

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