Take a minute
or a dollar and eight cents
to make sense
of the distribution of wealth
that's no distribution of wealth...

Four quarters
One nickle
Three pennies

Just some change...
I just want some change...

One penny for the people who made the cup (since it already costs less than one cent to make it anyway)
One penny for the people who made the straw (and the paper around it)
One penny for the company who put it in my hand, since that's the easiest part
One nickle for the service charge
One quarter for the farmer who raised the cow
That made the cream
One quarter for the person who harvested the sugar
One quarter for transport of all these products to my local McDonald's
and finally
One quarter for the family that owns the farm that grew the beans that made my coffee.

Can you imagine the possibilities?
Can you imagine the probability?

The distribution of wealth
is unattainable
because somewhere along the way,
someone got greedy,
But I'm not pointing any fingers.
Then again,
Maybe I'm just a pessimist.

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Help me know that I’m alive.
That my blood still runs through my veins, hot.
Do my pupils dilate at the sight of you?
Do my hands shake when you touch me?
I need you to run your hands on me like a blind man reading Braille
Because every shiver
Every quiver
Is because of you.
Forgive me if my lines
Break funny
Or my sentences
Seem abrupt
It’s been a long time since I’ve been here.
Here, in this place
Thinking of you
And everything you do to me.
No matter how long I try to avoid it
ignore it,
It’s always waiting
Right outside my door
Waiting for me
To turn around
And come running back
To collapse
Into your arms.
Because you,
You make me feel
Like coffee in the morning
Or the first outdoor dinner in the spring.
You have the power to make me feel at home
In a world of unknown.
You make my eyes
Catch fireflies
While my stomach 
catches butterflies.
It’s all the little things
That you do to me
That make me love you so much.

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