Part 1
I will remember you fondly, love.
You, and your smile.
Still wish I could have seen you again,
Since it had been a long, long while.
I sang for your mother
Because there are spoken no words
Your father, inconsolable
You were their world.
These tears that I cry
Are falling in vain,
Because they're for you,
But you're not in danger, you're not in pain.
Say hello to my Abuela,
I'm sure you'll see her there
Smile, dance, be merry and free
There is still love to spare.


Part 2
This is how I want you to remember me
How you should carry me
When I shared with thee
How beautiful my life could be.
But I chose another route
Because you were too tall for me
And I don't mean that you were taller than me
In those heels you love to wear so much.
Dance on, my love
Be happy, be free, be strong
Because you were there
You were there
You were there
All along.
I missed them,
The chances
And amidst circumstances.
You missed me...
You missed me
Don't miss me
Don't cry for me.
You were right where you needed to be.
You know where I am.
"I'm king of the world."
But no, for real
I'm all around you.
I got you.
Go get yours.
Look, the sun is shining.
Go enjoy.

But I don't want to go.
I'm... Okay.

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